Hotel Hospitality Recruitment

LCS Staffing specializes in the placement of exceptional and reliable housekeepers, maintenance staff, kitchen staff and all positions required within the hotel industry.

We understand that an exceptional and skilled talent is the key to running a successful business that relies on providing hospitality services to its guest.

Landscaping Recruitment

LCS Staffing provides dedicated staff who will treat your landscaping projects with the care and skill of your client's expectations.

The right people are what it takes to create a successful business operation that leads to high customer satisfaction.

General Labor Consultation

When your company is ready to find new talent for a skilled role...We are ready to help!

As staffing agency, we provide our clients with personnel trained in basic manufacturing, loading/unloading, material handling and more.


Our personalized service guaranties companion at
every step of the recruitment process.

Our dedication to providing the highest level of personalized customer service will be apparent throughout every step of the recruitment process.